Umami Mart Registry

Finally, a full-strength awamori you can count on! Taragawa comes to us from Taragawa distillery, makers of Ryukyu Ocho Awamori. This particular selection has tremendous depth of flavor, and its high ABV (44%) means you can stretch this out in many ways. Intense chocolate cake aroma and a funkiness that reminds of fresh rain on concrete. We know that sounds nuts, but you really must try this bottle to believe it.


  • Distilled in Okinawa, Japan by Taragawa Distillery
  • Distilled from 100% indica rice koji
  • ABV 44% / Koji: Black (rice) / Distillation: Atmospheric 
  • 25.3 fl oz (750ml) 
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to ND, SD, NH, UT, MI, MS, KY, AK.