Umami Mart Registry

While the deep, scalloped ridges at the base of this glass are a signature design for the Alstar line of tumblers, those who've spent time drinking shochu in Japan will immediately recognize this shape as the iconic oyuwariΒ (shochu mixed with hot water) glass. This style of glass is ubiquitous in Japanese izakayas, and can be found basically anywhere shochu is served. To make easyΒ oyuwari, simply add your hot water to your glass to your desired level (for this size we recommend about 3 oz), wait until it has cooled long enough to be able to hold the glass for 5-7 seconds, and fill your shochu up to the top (about 4 oz).

This flute is also perfect for sipping beer, sake, iced tea, and water! While nothing is more satisfying than pouring from a big bottle (of whatever it may be) into a bitty glass, this Alstar flute holds about 7.5 oz, so a bit tall for a sake pour. It's extra perfect for water though (physicians recommend this, in fact).Β 

Aderia was founded in 1819, originally known for making glass toys for children. Today they make a range of glass products from tableware to glass jars and bottles. Much of their glassware designs have remained unchanged since the 70's, bringing a retro feel from the alleyway snack bars of Tokyo straight to your table.


  • Use for:Β oyuwari shochu, beer, sake
  • Capacity:Β 7.5 oz / 210 ml
  • Dimensions: 4.6"H x 2.5"D
  • Material: Glass
  • Made in JapanΒ