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We wanted to offer an even more elevated alternative to the regular Diamond Cut Mixing Glass, so we designed our very own. The stunning Seamless Diamond Cut Mixing Glass is handblown in Japan by skilled glassmakers, which means it has no seams and its finely crafted diamond cut pattern is gracefully etched. Aside from its beauty, it's also extremely functional. The Seamless Diamond Cut Mixing Glass fits standard-sized Julep and Hawthorne stainers, and its wide mouth and beaker-like spout ensures that building, stirring, and pouring classic cocktails is a breeze. 

Check out how to properly use a mixing glass on the Umami Mart blog!

Do not use in dishwasher.


  • Capacity: 18.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 5.5"H x 3"D
  • Material: Glass
  • Designed by Umami Mart; made in Japan

*Once in a blue moon, you may notice a red or black mark on your mixing glass. No fear! Most likely that is a permanent pen, used to mark the glass when cutting. Yes, human hands are used when creating these mixing glasses! These marks should scrub off. If not, let us know!

Furthermore, you may notice air bubbles in your glass. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon when creating the glass. The glass factory tries to control these air bubbles but alas, sometimes those suckers get stuck in there. The factory assures us that these bubbles do not effect the quality of the glass or contribute to breakage. So stir away!

Please do not let this glass go from hot to cold, or cold to hot; the glass will crack when extreme temperature change occurs. We recommend hand-washing this glass and letting it come down to room temperature before putting ice into it.

**This product is the seamless mixing glass, not the regular mixing glass.