Umami Mart Registry

We welcome Ross Koda, President of Omurasaki Beverage Company and of Koda Farms, California's oldest Japanese-American family-owned and operated rice farm and mill, for a night of sake and rice tasting. We'll try Uka Sake's three expressions including their sparkling, dry, and junmai daiginjo. Ross will also bring his KR55 Koda Farms Heirloom Organic Kokuho Rose, used to make Uka Sake, for us to try steamed.

The concept behind Uka Sake spans generations and continents. β€œThe idea to make organic sake from Koda Farms' organic proprietary KR55 rice variety originated around 2018 from the desire and obligation of the third generation Koda family to add something new and special to the family’s legacy in rice,” says Ross. Uka Sake reunites the two cultures by brewing sake in Fukushima, Japan with rice grown in the U.S.

WHAT: Uka Sake + Koda Farms: A Sake + Rice Tasting

WHEN:Β Friday October 27, 2023, 5-7pm

WHERE: Umami Mart
4027 Broadway
Oakland CA 94611

ADMISSION:Β First come, first served. No reservations.Β $35 forΒ three tastes pours and rice.Β 21+Β