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We are honored to welcome Roland Ng, Kanosuke Distillery's General Manager of the Americas, for an intimate talk and tasting. Roland will introduce us to the history, styles, and production methods that set Kanosuke Distillery apart from other contemporary whisky makers in Japan.

We will taste through a flight including the Single Malt Kanosuke, Ā Hioki Pot Still Single Grain Japanese Whisky, Ā Kanosuke Double Distillery Blended Japanese Whisky and the 2023 Limited Edition Single Malt. To accompany the spirits, a plate of savory and sweet morsels will be provided to demonstrate pairing opportunities. And last but not least, Roland will be bringing special bottles from the distillery ā€“ a once-in-a-lifetime offering.

We've been big fans of Kanosuke Distillery since its first release ā€“ the distillery began operation in 2017 located near Fukiagehama Beach on the west coast of Kagoshima Prefecture. Known primarily as sweet potato shochu territory in southern Japan, Kanosuke Distillery continues to win international awards and accolades for their releases year after year. Don't miss this special opportunity to learn and taste through the country's next superstar whisky distillery!

Whisky Gumi members will go home with a free Kanosuke Distillery tote bag. Ask about our locals-only club today! Email for details.

WHAT:Ā Discovering Kanosuke Distillery Whiskies: A Talk + Tasting
Taste through the distillery's portfolio alongside food pairings Roland Ng, Kanosuke Distillery's general manager for the Americas
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WHEN: Sunday, July 28, 3pm-5pm

WHERE: Umami Mart Bar
4027 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611

ADMISSION: $50/ $40 members
Only 15 spots available, secure your spot now!