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Welcome to the Umami Mart Kissaten!

We are so pleased to be bringing you a slice of city living in Japan. We can think of fewer things more dreamy than sauntering into a cafe, hanging up your coat, and sitting comfortably while enjoying simple treats and aromatic coffee. Whether you're here on a break from work or as part of your lazy day, we hope to accommodate you during your stay with good music, conversation, and sweet offerings.

Ian will be here brewing Heart Coffee (Portland, Oregon) and desserts come to us from Maya Kono of Roots and Craft Tea Roasters (San Francisco, CA). We've all worked together to create delicious pairings and the perfect setting at our bar. All you have to do is show up, ready for coffee. 

The Details

Choose desired date and times from the above drop down menus.

$20 Seating and service will include one coffee drink and one sweet of your choosing. Gratuity is included in our menu pricing. A la carte items will be additional charge. Please limit your stay to 75 minutes so we can help accommodate other guests. We do not offer wifi. Thank you!

We will open up new time slots for the entire month of reservations on the first Wednesday of the month. 

What is Kissaten?

A kissaten is a type of Japanese coffeehouse which was at the height of its popularity in the Showa era (mid-20th century to 1989) but still exist all across cities in Japan; these cafes can be cavernous or quaint, often decked out in European stylings, and almost always offer hand-dripped coffee drinks in addition to Japanese cafe desserts and yoshoku (western cuisine)-inspired dishes, like Pasta Napoletan.

The emphasis is less on a quick cup of coffee, but more on a relaxed environment in which one can enjoy themselves and their offerings at their own pace. A kissaten is a perfect place to catch up with someone you haven't seen in a while, read a book, or just enjoy the ambience along with your meticulously prepared coffee and food.

With a modest record selection and an undoubtedly bright and cheery bar space we hope to provide you a memorable Kissaten experience. 

We can't wait to see you in our own corner of Japan, in Oakland!