Umami Mart Registry

What the hell is shochu? Is it sake? Is it soju? Join Kayoko, our director of shochu + awamori, at our bar every Tuesday to taste and talk about shochu! Every week she'll answer all your burning questions about this unique beverage, plus she'll highlight a different shochu/ awamori or two and explore different ways to enjoy it. Get a flight if you want to taste through various varieties!

Shochu'sday was originally started by our friends over at Japan Distilled and we're proud to represent it here in Oakland every Tuesday.

WHAT: Shochu'sday
Come taste + talk shochu/awamori with Kayoko, our resident expert on these magical spirits

WHEN: Every Tuesday at the bar, 12-6pm, last call 5:30pm.
Check Instagram to see what we're featuring for the day!

WHERE: Umami Mart Bar
4027 Broadway, Oakland CA 94611

ADMISSION: Must be 21+, one drink minimum