Father's Day is June 16

With a limited production run worldwide, this specialty Japan-inspired vermouth is a whimsical complement to your springtime cocktail repertoire. Originally created for the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo hotel, the Mancino family, a vermouth maker in northern Italy, blends Italian violets with an extract of pressed sakura blossoms from Kyoto.

Get intense floral aroma of rose and cherry with notes of white grape and peach. Pungent herbal notes and chamomile flowers on the palate. This drinks like purple fruit punch and would make the perfect accent to a tart manhattan or rose-y martini. 

Mancino is a burgeoning, impressive vermouth specialist from Piedmont, northwest Italy. 


  • Vermouth made in Piedmont, Italy by Mancino Vermouth
  • ABV 18%
  • 16.9 fl oz (500 ml)