Last Days to Ship

Kabamaru is a gray and black striped cat, and the leader of the pack. In this scene, Kabamaru and his colleagues are celebrating Tanabata (a celebration in July of the joining of star dieties) and tying their wishes to a tree in hopes that they come true. 

The Japanese text reads: sora no kawa, hoshi ni onegai ga, todokimasuyou

This translates to: A river in the sky, a prayer to the stars, will be fulfilled

Artist Hajime Okamoto was born in 1942 in Osaka. His Kabamaru series is his most famous work, which debuted in 1998.

Use furoshiki to dress up a suit pocket for a wedding, wrap up your bento, a bottle of sake or wine as a gift, or wipe the sweat off your brow during your next hike.


  • Artwork by Hajime Okamoto
  • Dimensions: 19 7/8"L x 19 7/8"W
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in Kyoto, Japan