Umami Mart Registry

The etching ensures a proper grip while sipping on your favorite sake, spirit, or oyuwari (cut with hot water) shochu. When drinking sake, chill the glasses before serving to take advantage of the half inch-thick glass base, which will keep your sake cold for longer. With a capacity of 4.7 oz (140ml) per flute, these are a perfect size to split a 300ml sake bottle.

Aderia was founded in 1819, originally known for making glass toys for children. Today they make a range of glass products from tableware to glass jars and bottles. Much of their glassware designs have remained unchanged since the 70's, bringing a retro feel from the alleyway snack bars of Tokyo straight to your table.


  • Use for: Spirits, sake
  • Capacity: 4.7 oz / 140 ml
  • Dimensions: 5.1"H x 2.5"D
  • Material: Glass
  • Made in Japan