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Designed exclusively for Umami Mart by Bay Area artist Kaoru Kumano (aka Wormfun), this sturdy, reusable tote can hold two gallons of cider with a loaf of bread lying on top, perfect for taking to the marketΒ or packing a meal for the beach. We think it's great as a roomy day-to-day carry-all, too. EAT is represented in pictogramsΒ underneath each letter:Β Escargot;Β Anglerfish;Β Tapir.

β€œTo me, Umami Mart represents a place where we not only talk food and drink but share cultural stories and personal memories. I used the words EAT as a thread running through disparate animals that are or have been consumed at different times in various cultures to represent this idea. Somewhat unexpected, the subjects were chosen for their visual interest and expressiveness.”
- Kaoru Kumano aka Wormfun


  • Dimensions: Bag: 18” L x 15" H x 7" G; Handles: 25” 
  • Material: Durable, 100% cotton
  • Made in the USA