Father's Day is June 16

The word penato for our Penato Knife refers to the knife's shape being similar to a pennant. The brass body encases the carbon steel blade and looks sleek in the office or at home. Use the Penato for a variety of jobs including: cutting paper and thread, or opening letters and boxes.

Penato Knife maker Yoshiharu Hamono started as a blacksmith company over 100 years ago near Kyoto. Today, they specialize in making chisels and carving knives used in schools. 

*Please note that the blade is not replaceable. There is a dimple on the backside of the case that may look unintentional, but in fact, this dimple is there to secure the blade in place. Please refer to the last photo on this page which shows the dimple. This is not defective. This is part of the design.


  • Dimensions: 4"L (1.5"L blade)
  • Material: Carbon steel blade, brass casing
  • Made in Japan