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We've died and gone to shochu heaven! We've finally gotten our hands on the first isshobin (1.8L bottle) bottlings of shochu to grace our shores. Previously only available for sake, these large bottle formats contain 2.5 standard bottles worth of shochu and are perfect for keeping around for entertaining, sharing with large groups, or just to have a trusty bottle of shochu around you don't have to worry about checking the levels on so often. 

A rich, toasty, buttery, and nutty barley shochu made using Kagoshima's softest Fugendo spring water. A small amount of roasted barley is added into the second fermentation imparts an enveloping aromatic embrace. The sauce is then aged for a minimum of 5 years in enamel tanks prior to dilution to develop these flavors into the mature and well-rounded expression in the bottle; you can tell this shochu has been around the block and fits our needs perfectly for a rustic and comforting shochu.

Get notes of roasted ground coffee, dark chocolate, and buttered toast. This shochu is fantastic oyuwari (cut with hot water) or on the rocks accompanied by hearty, rich grilled meats. 

Note: This bottle is an in-store offering only. Due to the size of the bottle, we can not ship this bottle.


  • Distilled in, Kagoshima Japan by Tensei Shuzo
  • Distilled from 92% mugi (barley) and 8% roasted mugi
  • ABV 25% / Koji: white (mugi) / Distillation: Atmospheric
  • Aged: 5 years in enamel tanks
  • 60 fl oz (1800ml)
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to ND, SD, NH, UT, MI, MS, KY, AK.