Umami Mart Registry

This hojicha is lightly roasted to highlight notes of hazelnut, and earthiness. Hojicha has less caffeine than sencha so it's great to sip on all day and into the night. Have it hot or iced for a mellow treat.

Brewing Tips: Steep 3 grams of tea leaves in 180ml (6 oz) of hot water at 212Β°F for 120 seconds.

We've known Maya Mori, founder of Roots & Craft, since 2021, initially connecting with her during our kissaten events. Since then, she has released new harvest teas every year, and opened a cafe in San Francisco called Neighbor's Corner. We love going to Neighbor's Corner and having a cup of tea alongside a grilled cheese sandwich!


  • Capacity: 50g (20-30 servings)
  • Material: 50g pouch
  • Cultivar: Roasted Asatsuyu Green teaΒ 
  • Origin: Miyazaki, Japan