Umami Mart Registry

This is a fine, stone-ground organic hojicha powder from Miyazaki, Japan – our favorite way to enjoy this smoky, roasted hojicha is by making a latte. Simply mix 3 grams of powder, 5 grams of sugar, and 50ml of hot water. Whisk well with a matcha whisk and add 8 oz of hot milk or pour over 6 oz of cold milk.

We've known Maya Mori, founder of Roots & Craft, since 2021, initially connecting with her during our kissaten events. Since then, she has released new harvest teas every year, and opened a cafe in San Francisco called Neighbor's Corner. We love going to Neighbor's Corner and having a cup of tea alongside a grilled cheese sandwich!


  • Capacity: 50g (20-30 servings)
  • Material: 50g pouch
  • Cultivar: Stone-ground Yamanami Organic Roasted Green TeaΒ 
  • Origin: Miyazaki, Japan