Umami Mart Registry

Made from specially selected, hand washed ume, this umeshu brings the fruit flavor to the forefront, with fully 21% of the volume made from ume fruit nectar and plenty of pulp left over. Notice the thick Kern's-like texture that's mesmerizing in a clear glass, complemented by a lip-puckering, umeboshi-like aroma. The flavor is surprisingly light and refreshing. Like its yuzu counterpart, it is best enjoyed chilled, on-the-rocks or as an accent to a cocktail.

In recent years Umenoyado has become a trailblazer for sake-based fruit liqueurs. While many sake brewers make yuzu and umeshus as an afterthought, Umenoyado treats their liqueurs as their flagship line. Their Aragoshi line features premium sake infused with high quality natural fruit, excellent on-the-rocks or in a myriad of cocktail applications, thanks to a roughly pressed method that results in a thick texture.


  • Brewed in Nara, Japan by Umenoyado Shuzo 
  • Style: Umeshu made with sake
  • ABV %13
  • 24fl oz (720ml)
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