Umami Mart Registry

Our Spirits Portfolio Manager De'Andre dubbed this shochu "liquid smoke," and we couldn't agree more. Koganesengan sweet potatoes, estate grown at Watanabe Distillery and 100% spontaneous fermentation lend the unmistakeable character of white pepper, black licorice, and black currant to this devious and delectable drink.

This bottle also presents black koji laid bare before you: get powdered sugar, charcoal minerality, and sumptuous umami on the finish. Despite all of the complexity and attitude, this shochu finishes clean, making one eager to lap up more. Enjoy this on the rocks, or oyuwari (over hot water).

In addition to standard-practice open clay pot fermentation, Miyazaki's Watanabe Shuzo goes a step further and opens all the windows in the fermentation room and invites all of the local ambient yeasts of their area into the mix to influence the fermentation magic. Watanabe over-delivers in the terroir department.

This shochu was paired with two other complementary imo shochus in the Don't Be Imo Three Pack. Get it here and save! 


  • Distilled in Miyazaki, Japan by Watanabe Shuzo
  • Distilled from 83% estate-grown Kogane Sengan (sweet potato), 17% kome koji (rice koji)
  • ABV 25% / Koji: Black (rice) / Distillation: Atmospheric 
  • 25.4 oz (750 ml)
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to ND, SD, NH, UT, MI, MS, KY, AK.