Umami Mart Registry

"Let's have a coffee break!"

These words inscribed on this tenugui are ones we are always delighted to hear in daily life. This extra-long towel is made of the softest, almost gauze-like material we have seen in years and has exuberant little coffee cups and beans blasted all over its surface.Β 

We've enjoyed using this towel during coffee service for wiping up spilled coffee (aka the saddestΒ thing on the planet), draping across stereo equipment,Β and coffee tablesΒ or nightstands.

On the label is written ο»Ώusui, karui, nagaiο»Ώ (soft, light, long).Β It also describes ways in which this tenugui can be used with little animations depicting them.


  • Dimensions: 41.25"L x 13.5"W
  • Material:Β 100% cotton
  • Made in Kyoto, Japan