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We are so excited to host the launch of Den 90 Kimoto, the newest sake release by Oakland's Den Sake Brewery, made with Luna Koshihikari Rice organically grown in Sacramento Valley!

In addition to using this special rice, it is master brewer Yoshi's first time brewing in the kimoto style! Kimoto is a laborious and ancient process that involves cultivating the shubo (fermentation starter) to produce naturally occurring microorganisms and lactic acid. Kimotos are often more earthy and savory with pronounced acidity. We are big fans of this style at Umami Mart and are thrilled that Den has released their own version.

This batch is super limited, and cases are allocated. So we feel very lucky that Yoshi will be here to pour this special sake during the first event of the year at our bar!

Den 90 has a seimaibuai of 90%, meaning only 10% has been shaved off, leaving all of those proteins and lipids that are usually discarded. Instead, Yoshi Sako of Den has decided to brew with as much of the rice as possible, to bring out the terroir of California. After four months of aging, Yoshi has created a sake that is truly dynamic – we can't wait to share this special sake with you all!

Be one of the first to sip on Den 90 Kimoto – only 75 cases have been made! Yoshi says that this sake is great with cheese and charcuterie, so we'll have some bites to go along with the sake.

WHAT: Den 90 Kimoto Release Party with Yoshi Sako

WHEN: Friday, Januray 19, 2024, 5:30-7pm (last call 6:30pm)

WHERE: Umami Mart
4027 Broadway
Oakland CA 94611