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This special 100th anniversary edition of renowned Hakushu 12 has a distinctive label with embossed lettering and depiction of the distillery in the background. Hakushu 12 Year is smoky and bright with herbal notes – perfect for the peaty Scotch lover. The distillery is located deep in the mountain forest in Yamanashi prefecture, known as the "Japanese Alps", where the water is crisp and greenery is abundant.

Suntory is Japan's oldest whisky distillery, with a nearly 100 year legacy. Founded by Shinjiro Torii, lovingly referred to as Uncle Tory, Suntory whiskies are 100% made from one of their three distilleries in Japan.


  • Distilled in Yamanashi, Japan by Hakushu Distillery
  • Distilled from malt, barley, and peat
  • ABV 43%
  • Barrels: Ex-bourbon, hogshead (American oak)
  • Aged: 12 years
  • 25.3 fl oz (750ml)