Father's Day is June 16

Hinoki, or Japanese cypress has a soothingly minty, lemon fresh aroma and is coveted for its anti-microbial and pest-deterrent properties. Bring the forest into your home byΒ  placing these sachets into a drawer, closet, garment bag, or anything you'd like to freshen up!Β 

Each package comes with three sachets, sealed in an air-tight aluminum package.

Tosaryu Inc. is a sustainable, fully green company using tree-thinning techniques to maintain the health of their local forests. They use every part of the tree to make various products such as furniture, kitchenware, functional objects, oils, scents, and even these satchels of hinoki chips.Β 


  • Dimensions: 4"L x 2.5"W
  • Ingredients:Β Japanese cypress
  • Three sachets comeΒ in an air-tight aluminum package
  • Made in Kochi, Japan