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Welcome to the world of honjozo sake! If you've never had Honjozos before, you're in the right place. We've hand-selected two bottles that we love here at Umami Mart that are representative of the style.Β 

Honjozos require the use of rice with a seimaibuai of at least 70%. This means that 30% of the original rice grain is polished away. In addition to its four main ingredients (rice, water, yeast and koji), honjozo sakes also have brewers alcohol as an extra ingredient. Adding a minimal amount of brewers alcohol tends to subdue the "ricey" nose of sakes, often resulting in a dry, clean brew.

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Please note that the photo may not be representative of the sakes in this pack. See below for which bottled are featured in this pack.

HonjozoΒ PrimerΒ PackΒ features:

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