Umami Mart Registry

This furoshiki depicts a dreamy scene of cranes at sunset around Mt. Fuji. It's believed as a New Year's tradition that those who dream of Mt. Fuji on New Year's Eve will have good luck come to them. This is known as 初夢 (Hatsuyume), or the first dream of the New Year. Also lucky to see in these dreams are nasu (eggplant), but they unforunately didn't make it into this scene.

The Japanese text reads: Fuji no yama wo, yume miru hito wa, omoimoyoranu, fuku kitaru

This translates to: People who dream of Mount Fuji will have unimagined good fortune come to them.

Use furoshiki to dress up a suit pocket for a wedding, wrap up your bento, a bottle of sake or wine as a gift, or wipe the sweat off your brow during your next hike.

Hajime Okamoto was born in 1942 in Osaka and is a celebrated calligrapher and artist. He was greatly influenced by his time spent in China in the 80s, and returned to Japan to create the Kabamaru series in 1998. Okamoto calls his paintings "Ink Pop Art" and actively exhibits his work throughout the country.


  • Artwork by Hajime Okamoto
  • Dimensions: 19 7/8"L x 19 7/8"W
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in Kyoto, Japan