Sake + Shochu Gumi

In Japan, kaku-uchi means, "to drink in a liquor store." The atmosphere is casual, and the shopkeeper doubles as the bartender. We were enamored when we walked into a kaku-uchi in Osaka, which was the inspiration for our intimate little bar in the back of our bottle shop. 

At Kaku-uchi Yoko, you can try a selection of Yoko's favorite sakes, Japanese teas, house-made umeshu, and a few spirits du jour. Sipping at a kaku-uchi isn't complete without some crunchy snacks, so we'll have a few for you to choose from. 

The benefit to enjoying oneself in a kaku-uchi setting is that you can try the recommendations of the moment by the glass, and if those don't interest you, you can grab a bottle off the store shelf and pop it open at the bar – all while learning a thing or two about the bottle from the staff.

Join us Thursdays nights* at the Umami Mart bar for a cozy drink and friendly conversation!

WHAT: Kaku-uchi Yoko

WHEN: Thursdays monthly, 4-7pm

WHERE: Umami Mart Bar
4027 Broadway, Oakland CA 94611

ADMISSION: First come, first serve. No reservations. 21+