Umami Mart Registry

This bottle is a Sake Gumi selection! It was featured in February, 2021.

Food Pairings: Chicken Teriyaki, Fried Oyster. Fish Tempura, Fatty Sashimi

Tasting Notes: A rare treat for the adventurous, Kuro Kabuto Muroka Junmai Daiginjo is brewed using Black Koji (Kurokoji) instead of the usual Yellow Koji (Kikoji), contributing to a very unique and interesting flavor profile. The brewers forego the usual carbon filtration, allowing the natural qualities nurtured during brewing to remain, and send it straight to bottling for cold storage. Has a ripe strawberry field nose and a full body. Its flavor zips around the palate with a puckering, fruitlike acidity, refreshing the senses and engaging the mind. 


  • Brewed in Fukuoka, Japan by Ikekame Shuzo
  • Junmai daiginjo kuro koji jikomi
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernel remaining): Yamada Nishiki 50%
  • ABV 15% / SMV: -1 / Acidity: 2.0
  • 24 fl oz (720ml)
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