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Tired of floppy, stale, low-grade nori from the supermarket? Disappointed by nori that's chewy and not crispy at your temaki parties? Confused by nori that lacks of seaweed aroma? We are too! Enough is enough!

We were so excited to when the Japanese Pantry started importing nori that actually tastes as good as the nori served at sushi restaurants in Japan. The seaweed used for the production of this nori is grown in the Ariake Sea, an area known for its high quality seaweed. This superb seaweed is then expertly roasted for nori that's crispy and full of seaweed flavor. Have your next temaki party with confidence!

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Seal the opening edge, then store in the refrigerator after opening.

For optimal flavor and texture, consume as quickly as possibleĀ once opened.


  • Ingredients: Dried seaweed
  • Capacity: 10 full sheets, 0.99 oz (28g)
  • Packing: resealable plastic bag
  • Made in Ariake, Japan by Motoi Nori