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Welcome to the world of Nigori sake! If you've never had Nigoris before, you're in the right place. We've hand-selected two bottles that we love here at Umami Mart that are representative of the style. This pack includes one Nigori sake and one Bodaimoto. 

Nigori means “cloudy" in Japanese, so it makes sense that nigori sake literally looks like a wispy cloud when shaken. It is a style of sake that contains kasu (rice solids) that have not fermented. You may hear nigori sake referred to as unfiltered sake. So how does the kasu get into the sake? There are two main ways. The most common way is during pressing, when a coarser mesh is used, allowing some of the kasu to pass through. Brewers are also legally able to press as they do for their clear sake and add the kasu back in. It's safe to say that most nigoris should be enjoyed chilled as the flavor of the sake lees can change quickly with heat and time. Nigoris are usually thought of as a sweet style of sake although the recent trend of usu-nigori tends to be more savory. 

Bodaimoto is an anicent method of making sake. In the bodaimoto method, lactic acid is cultivated in highly acidic water with uncooked rice before the shubo (yeast starter) is made. 99% of all other sakes use a method using only steamed rice, and the cultivation of lactic acid occurs after the shubo is created. Bodaimoto tends to create a tart, yogurty, earthy flavor.

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Please note that the photo may not be representative of the sakes in this pack. See below for which bottled are featured in this pack.

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