Father's Day is June 16

First released in Japan in 2020 to great fanfare, we stared longingly at frosty gin sonics (a highball and G&T hybrid) gracing bar counters all over Instagram, wondering if we'd ever get to try this mystical nectar. Sure enough, it finally made its way to us, and now, you! We would love the Osuzu Gin cacao bon-bons to make an appearance in the U.S. as well, but we're not holding our breath.

Osuzu Gin uses the well-loved Yamaneko Imo Shochu as the base for this gin, lending a supple texture, tropical fruit notes, and a subtle, earthy imo shochu finish which lingers and grows with each sip. The nose is bright and complex, giving notes of juniper, coriander, dried seaweed, and lemon peel. The palate is sumptuous, refreshing goodness; notes of tangerine, ginger, and mint provide summery bliss with a whisper of juicy mango (once again from our pal Yamaneko). Enjoy this exuberant spirit neat in a tasting glass to fully appreciate its complexity, and then open it up by mixing it into a Gin Sonic! More about the gin sonic can be found on our blog

Nestled at the top of Mt. Osuzuyama sits Kuroki Honten's sister distillery, Osuzuyama Distillery. Kuroki Honten created this highly modern facility to have access to pristine mountain water for their fermentations and distillation. They are dedicated to creating shochu in the traditional handmade way with no automation.


  • Distilled in Miyazaki, Japan at Osuzuyama Distillery by Kuroki Honten
  • Distilled from sweet potatoes, rice koji, juniper, sansho, local Miyazaki citrus, sakaki 
  • ABV 45%
  • 23.6 fl oz (700ml)