Father's Day is June 16

When hunger strikes and things get just a little too quiet, Sea Crunchies come to the rescue! Using locally foraged sea palm fronds from the Mendocino coast and organic almonds, this snack is equal parts seaweed umami, nutty fat, and ear-shattering crunch. The Rising Tide Sea Crunchies are so satisfying, and come highly recommended by the entirety of the seaweed-satiated Umami Mart staff.

Since 1981, Larry Knowles has been harvesting seaweed by hand in Mendocino on the northern west coast forΒ RisingΒ TideΒ Sea Vegetables. Harvesting from a region with the coldest and cleanest waters means that the seaweed is nutritious and packed with flavor. We love that the business has been Larry's passion and allows him to be in touch with the ocean that is so close to our home. Our good friend Nathan joins Larry in the ocean for weekly harvests, making these treasures even closer to our hearts.


  • Ingredients: Sea palm fronds, organic almonds
  • Capacity: 2 oz (56g)
  • Packing: Resealable plastic bag with cardboard label
  • Made in Mendocino, California by Rising Tide Sea Vegetables
  • May contain shellfish