Father's Day is June 16

Looking for the ebook version? Find it here

It's here – all you've ever wanted to know about sake and shochu in one nifty zine! An approachable, easy read, Sake + Shochu Talk is in a Q+A format with Kayoko and Yoko, founders of Umami Mart. It's two zines in one!

In Sake Talk, Umami Mart Sake Director Yoko Kumano goes through the process of sake-making, ideal food pairings, and answers common questions like, "Is warm sake bad?" 

Flip the zine around for Shochu Talk, written by Shochu Advisor Kayoko Akabori! She delves into the world of shochu and awamori, its origins, and how best to enjoy Japan's distilled beverage.

This full color zine is a labor of love that took over a year to produce, its innovative design by our multi-talented whiz Yoko. Now let's get talking about sake and shochu!


  • Authors: Kayoko Akabori + Yoko Kumano
  • Pages: 58
  • Softcover, full color
  • Published by Umami Mart
  • Designed by Yoko Kumano
  • Printed in Oakland on recycled paper in 2019