Sake Gumi

Tenjin Bayashi Junmai Ginjo is a umami-rich, slightly dry sake with rice-laden flavors and light refreshing ginjo aromas. The sake is brewed with Koshi Tanrei, a local speciality sake rice, which is a hybrid of Yamada-nishiki and Gohyaku-mangoku. It took 15 years to develop the rice as a joint project of Niigata Sake Research Institute and Niigata Agricultural Institute. The rice is grown exclusively in Niigata and supplied exclusively to sake producers in Niigata.
Uonuma Shuzo, the producer, polishes the rice to 50% of the original size, the Daiginjo quality level, but they still call it a junmai ginjo. Their water source is undercurrent water flowing from nearby mountains in the Uonuma region of Niigata.
Umami Mart is the first establishment to carry this limited edition sake on the West Coast.


  • Junmai ginjo
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernel remaining): 50%
  • Brewed in Niigata, Japan
  • 24 fl oz (720ml)
  • 15% ALC/VOL

Flavor Profile Chart

SMV: -0.5, Acidity: 1.4 Flavor Profile Chart for Tenjin Bayashi (BTL 24 oz)

Recommended Tempurature

Serve chilled (50–60˚F), or room temp (70˚F) Recommended Tempurature for Tenjin Bayashi (BTL 24 oz)

Pairing Suggestions

  • crab
  • fish
  • cheese
Please note: We are only able to deliver alcoholic products to California.