Umami Mart Registry
This fall, we started carrying unique condiments like the Sweet Potato with Honey Vinegar and the Double Brewed Soy Sauce from The Japanese Pantry, an importer specializing in hard to find spices and sauces from Japan. They've been a hit, so we've invited them to host a tasting at Umami Mart. The Japanese Pantry's offerings reflect the very best of Japanese cuisine and presentation: vivid flavors prepared with meticulous technique – all beautifully packaged, of course! 
Join Greg Dunmore and Chris Bonomo of the Japanese Pantry at Umami Mart Saturday Nov. 25 from 12-3pm for a free tasting of Japanese vinegars, soy sauces, and sesame seeds. Taste how aging and pasteurization changes the flavor profiles of condiments and learn about how to integrate them into your next salad dressing or marinade. Get a head start on gift ideas for the creative cooks in your life!

What: Condiment Tasting with The Japanese Pantry 

When: Saturday, November 25, noon–3 p.m.

Where: Umami Mart, 815 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607

Cost: Free