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Dry, yet ricey with a clean finish, Yuki Otoko is ideal paired with pork and salmon. The snow yeti is said to guide people through the mountains, so proceeds of this brew go to local search and rescue organizations.


  • Junmai
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernal remaining): 60%
  • Brewed in Niigata, Japan
  • 24 fl oz (720ml)
  • 15-16% ALC/VOL

Flavor Profile Chart

SMV: 12, Acidity: 1.2 Flavor Profile Chart for Yuki Otoko "Snow Yeti" (BTL 24 oz)

Recommended Tempurature

Serve room temp (70˚F), or warm (104˚F) Recommended Tempurature for Yuki Otoko "Snow Yeti" (BTL 24 oz)

Pairing Suggestions

  • pork
  • ramen
  • fish

Recipes Suggestions

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