Umami Mart Registry

Our Umami Mart Matcha is here! We collaborated with our long time favorite tea importerΒ Mizuba Tea Co. to bring you this exclusive stone-milled, ceremonial grade matcha.

Stone-milling gives the matcha more complex, nutty flavors (as compared to jet or ball milled matcha), which results in an umami-forward (surprise!), invigorating, and pleasantly bitter drink. With an 800 year history, stone-milling today only accounts for 2% of Japan's entire tea production – we are so fortunate to share this ancient tradition with you through our matcha.

This ichibancha tea from Uji is shade-grown – making the leaves tender and full of layered, complex flavors. Because ichibancha are comprised of the first picking of the new tea leaf shoots of the year, they are the most prized. We hope you will enjoy this special matcha as much as we do.

Read our interview with Lauren Purvis, founder of Mizuba Tea Co. here. Or click here for a recipe on how to make a bowl of matcha.


  • Ingredients: 100% Pure Uji Matcha Tea
  • Capacity: 40g (20-30 servings)
  • Material: Metal tin
  • Made in Uji, Japan
  • Refrigerate once open