Japanese Beers

Welcome to America’s first Japanese beer shop! There is no scarcity of craft breweries in Japan and we hope to showcase as many as possible. Thanks to a ban that was lifted in 1994 by the government (giving major producers like Asahi and Sapporo a monopoly on the market for decades), microbreweries are popping up all over Japan with fierceness. Echigo Brewery in Niigata was the premier microbrewery and many are following suit--introducing a wide range of beer styles to a Japanese audience, and beyond. Here you will find experimental jibiru (craft beers) like IPAs, Stouts, Pilsners and even Bocks; all with imaginative twists.

Incidentally, many sake breweries in Japan have started brewing beers as the production processes are so similar. One of the most well-known microbreweries, Hitachino, is a line of beers started by nearly 200 year old Kiuchi Sake Brewery in Ibaraki prefecture.