Father's Day June 18

Slice greens and tomatoes like a ninja with this nakiri knife. This knife by MAC is a double-edged usuba (vegetable knife) used for thinly slicing fruits and vegetables. Thanks to its thin blade, nakiris will slice right through vegetables and meet your cutting board without the horizontal push and pull that can make vegetables raggedy or smushed. It can also be used as a multi-purpose knife for slicing meats and seafood (but not through bone or frozen foods).

Our resident knife expert, Chef Kuni (sushi chef and Kayoko's dad), says that this knife is ideal to cut cucumbers, daikon, and cabbage. Recommended for chefs and home kitchen use.

The 6.5" blade is comprised of forged molybdenum steel, the same material used for swords in Japan in the 14th centuryThis forging method produces a blade that is both durable and easy to sharpen. The blade is ground on both sides – making it it a knife suitable for right-handed or left-handed chefs. The comfortable handle ensures stability when slicing and dicing.

If you love going to the farmers market and stocking up on greens, or are looking for a gift for your favorite vegetarian friend, this knife may be the answer.


  • Dimensions: 11.38"L (6.5"L blade)
  • Material: Molybdenum steel, pakkawood handle
  • Made in Japan