Father's Day is June 16

Grown in Williams, California, Tamaki is known for its Japanese short grain rice. Behold, haiga-mai, or germ rice, the love child of brown and white rice. This is the rice you'll find in both Yoko and Kayoko's pantry for its bright flavor with a slight nuttiness. Your palate and digestion will thank you!

Learn how easy it is to cook haiga-mai on the stove top!

In Yoko's 2010 Japanify blog post, she says:

[Haiga rice is] half-milled, so the bran layer is removed, but the germ (haiga) is intact. This allows for the plump texture of white rice but with a little "core" which is the germ.

Haiga-mai takes less time to cook than brown rice but must be washed 2 to 3 times with water, like white rice, before steaming. What's amazing about haiga-mai is that the taste is very similar to white rice, making it suitable for Japanese cooking, but far surpasses white rice in nutrition in terms of fiber, vitamin E and B, niacin and calcium.  


  • Ingredients: rice
  • 4.4 pounds
  • Material: rice in plastic bag
  • Made in Williams, CA