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Are you new to shochu? Looking to spice up the liquor cabinet? An unabashed shochu freak who just wants a bit of curation? The Shochu All Day Pack was meant for you, wherever you may fall in this group. This is a tight three-pack of staff and customer favorites, spanning three prominent shochu styles and hitting just about all of colors of the flavor wheel without breaking the bank. 

Here's what we've got for you:

Kozuru Kuro Sweet Potato Shochu

A classic imo (sweet potato) shochu. Bold and rustic, we get notes of purple fruit, fudge brownie, and mushroom. Terrific on the rocks, oyuwari (cut with hot water), or straight up. This is the perfect candidate for all-day shochu and is a great introduction into the imojochu (sweet potato shochu) category. Try this one out maewari as well - dilute it 40% with water and let it sit in a vessel of your choosing for 1-2 days to enjoy soft and smooth chocolatey shochu that you can drink straight or warm up directly like you would sake.  

Toyonaga Rice Shochu

Light on the palate with notes of jasmine flowers, cantelope and papaya on the nose. The palate is bright, crisp, and floral with a mildly sweet cream finish.

Naka Naka Barley Shochu

This is a favorite at our bar served sodawari (shochu and club soda); this style wins it fast fans daily, including those new to and experienced with shochu. You can also drink it oyuwari style mixed with hot water to enhance the cocoa, caramel, and honey-butter aromas.  

If you love this pack, there's so much more out there! Shochu Director Kayoko and the UM team is always scouring the earth for what's new and exciting from Japan, and we'll release the best and boldest first to Shochu Gumi members. Join today and get exploring! You're in good company. 


    Shochu All Day Pack Features:

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