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Free entry for Sake + Shochu Gumi members and customers who purchase the Aged Saga Shochu Pack. RSVP at and we will send you Zoom info!

We are thrilled to spotlight shochus from Saga in southern Japan for this upcoming event. Located in Kyushu, Saga is well known for its porcelain ceramics, beef, and green tea. And of course, shochu and sake! Yoko and Kayoko visited the city of Karatsu in Saga in 2016, and between the seafood, pine trees, and seaside onsen, it was heavenly. 

In partnership with Saga Sake Saga  (an organization promoting sakes and shochus from Saga), and Sake Discoveries, we are delving into the world of aged mugi (barley) shochus for this event. Join us on March 23rd for a brewery tour and tasting with Saga-based Madonoume Brewery and Munemasa Shuzo. We'll discuss aging techniques, with a tour of the distillery, aging room, and finally a guided tasting.

Shochu was first made in Saga during the Edo period in 1800. The history of aging shochu in wood casks goes back 30+ years in Saga, and Munemasa Shuzo's Mizu Sakura Cask is the first shochu to ever be aged in 100% sakura wood casks. Madonoume Brewery's Kase Shochu has been aged in sherry barrels from French Oak for 15 years! Buy these spectacular bottles and join this special event!

This event is in conjunction of our Shochu Gumi theme for March. Join today and get $25 off this pack!

WHAT: Aging Shochus in Saga
Brewery Tour + Tasting with Madonoume Brewery + Munemasa Shuzo

WHEN: Tuesday March 23, 2021, 6pm PST

WHERE: The Internet

ADMISSION: Free entry for Sake + Shochu Gumi members and customers who purchase purchase the Aged Saga Shochu Pack.

We'll email you with the Zoom info after you make the purchase! 

Here's what you need to do:
1. Purchase the Aged Saga Shochu Pack
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3. Join the Zoom event on Tuesday 3/23 at 6pm!