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Yoshi Sako of Den, has been formulating Den Blanc, an exciting new sake, for months. Using white koji instead of yellow koji, Sako calls Den Blanc, "a new expression of sake, with zesty acidity, gentle sweetness of rice and a refreshing finish." Using white koji results in a sake high in citric acid (whereas yellow koji, which is more commonly used in sake-making, produces succinic acid) and can be fermented at a higher temperature for a shorter period of time.

The Sakos have also provided a recipe for Trout and Citrus Salad, a perfect pairing with Den Blanc, which you can find here. Make the salad and get the party started!

Nominated for a James Beard Award in its first year and second year, Den Sake Brewery is just around the corner from us in Oakland, and we are proud to carry our hometown sake.

The seed for the idea to start Den Sake Brewery in Oakland, CA was planted in 2015, when Yoshi Sako started to theorize on how he could make sake himself. A bartender and accomplished sake sommelier for years, Sako stated that, "[... in order] to complete my desire to know more about sake, I knew I had to get fully into it – that meant brewing it, not just drinking it."

Even with all the limitations he faces as a brewer in the United States, Sako's sake exhibits the delicate and refined qualities that you would find in a Japanese sake. His attention to detail and skilled use of koji and yeast yields sakes that can be enjoyed cup after cup, balancing fresh fruitiness, acidity, and umami – all with a clean crisp ending.

Read about our visit to Den Sake Brewery on our blog!


  • Brewed in Oakland, California by Den Sake Brewery
  • Junmai namachozo
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernel remaining): Calihikari 70%
  • ABV 15.3% 
  • 17 fl oz (500ml)
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to ND, SD, NH, UT, MI, MS, KY, AK.