Spring Cleaning Sale

What's better than drinking Oakland's Den Sake? Lathering yourself up in it! Sake brewers in Japan are well known for their smooth, youthful skin, thanks to the lees that they work with everyday. Now you can have skin just like the brewers themselves!

Handcrafted by the Bay Area's Den Sake Brewery and Heavenly Soap Company, this nourishing, moisturizing soap has a savory, ricey aroma, incorporating Den sake lees and natural ingredients. Use this gentle soap on your face, hands, or body.

Heavenly Soap Co. products are always vegan, palm free and handmade in San Francisco, California. Read our interview with Asako Hostetter of Heavenly Soap Co. here.

Read about our visit to Den Sake Brewery on our blog!


  • Dimensions: 3-1/2"L x 2-1/2" W x 1"D
  • Ingredients: Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, Calhikari sake kasu, unrefined shea butter, California rice bran oil
  • Packaged in paper
  • Made in San Francisco, California