Father's Day June 18

Save $11 on this bundle of four of our favorite sakes! Please note that the photo may not be representative of the sakes in this pack.

Our house sakes are versatile bottles that we can drink on any night of the week. Economical and easy to drink, each one of these sakes are ideal for enjoying with Tuesday's dinner, at a casual party, or with your boo while binge watching the latest show. Try pairing these house sakes with donburi, udon, cheese pizza, or pasta. On a chilly night, warm them up, and on a hot day, try them chilled.

Why these bottles are at our houses:

Amabuki Yamahai Junmai Omachi Sake: This yamahai is juicy, acidic, with a hint of mint. Made with marigold yeast, the nose is fruity and floral (a bit like a daiginjo) and the hue is slightly golden. 

Gangi Muroka Junmai: No muss, no fuss with this light, mild, sake with pleasant minerality best enjoyed at room temperature. Pair with garlic steamed kale with a dash of Camino Red Wine Vinegar or a simple pasta dish!

Mutsu Hassen Isaribi Tokubetsu Junmai: A little tart and slightly sweet, this sake sports a unique green grape nose and soft texture, all rounded out by a dry finish. I love having this crisp sake chilled while littles bits of bites like salami, Montgomery Cheddar, and fries, with Netflix cued up.

Atago No Matsu Tokubetsu Honjozo: This slightly golden sake has a pleasant aroma of honeysuckle and finishes dry. Niizawa likes to stay away from flashy, trendy flavors, brewing what he calls “ultimate food sakes” that have crisp acidity and herbal notes that pair with a range of foods. Try slightly warm with oysters and Katei Gyutan Yaki.

House Sake Pack features:

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