Umami Mart Registry

Koueigiku Sake Brewery doesn't want to be boxed in so they don't disclose much about their sake, which forces the imbiber to sip and ponder. When having this sake, we were blown away by the layers of grass, sunflower, grape vines, root vegetables, and cabbage. High in umami, this muroka nama genshu (unfiltered, unpasteurized, undiluted) sake leaves you with a lot to unpack (in a good way). We love this sake chilled or at room temperature.

Note: We can ship this sake, but due to the nature of shipping, please note that fluctuations in temperature can affect the freshness of the drink, and we will always recommend picking up locally when possible. Please proceed with shipping at your own risk.


  • Brewed in Saga, by Koueigiku Shuzo
  • Muroka nama genshu
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernel remaining): Shunyo
  • ABV: 14% / SMV: N/A / Acidity: N/A
  • 24 fl oz (720ml)
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to ND, SD, NH, UT, MI, MS, KY, AK.