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A gyuto knife is a versatile tool one can have in their kitchen. Gyuto means "cow sword" and refers to its original function to cut large pieces of beef, but it's just as handy to cut larger items like cabbage, thanks to its long length. A curved blade also allows you to chop items in a rocking motion – perfect for chopping nuts or herbs. ThisΒ knife also sports a sharp tip that can get into hard to reach places like between cartilage joints and fish bones.Β 

Our resident knife expert, Chef Kuni (sushi chef and Kayoko's dad), says that this knife is ideal to cut vegetables and meat or chicken. He says, "You don't want a gyuto to be too long because household cutting boards are usually too narrow." Recommended for chefs and home kitchen use.

This MACΒ gyuto chef knife was forged with molybdenum steel, the same material used for swords in Japan in the 14th century.

MAC knives have a thin blade so cuts are effortless. Instead of using force when cutting, the blade does all the work. The lightweight, ergonomic design of MAC knives also reduce fatigue while slicing and dicing.

We know that Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller, and sushi chef Kunio use MAC knives, but we didn't know MAC knives could do this! (Don't try this at home.)



  • Dimensions: 13"L (8.5"L blade)
  • Material: Molybdenum steel and pakkawoodΒ 
  • Made in Japan