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Come meet Umenoyado Shuzo of Nara Prefecture at our bar! In recent years Umenoyado has become a trailblazer for sake-based fruit liqueurs. While many sake brewers make yuzu and umeshus as an afterthought, Umenoyado treats their liqueurs as their flagship line. Their Aragoshi line features premium sake infused with high quality natural fruit, excellent on-the-rocks or in a myriad of cocktail applications, thanks to a roughly pressed method that results in a thick texture.

Fifth generation owner and president Kayo Yoshida's philosophy is to make sake rooted in tradition but with an eye toward the future, and to making sake that can be enjoyed both locally in Japan and around the world. Rina Matsubara (International Sales of Umenoyado) will be here to walk us through a flight and cocktail of their sakes.

We'll be offering a flight of their Aragoshi Yuzu-shu, Aragoshi Umeshu, and Umenoyado Green Tea Umeshu for $30. Also on the menu will be a few cocktails using their liqueurs.

Aragoshi Yuzu-shuΒ 

Aragoshi (literally β€œroughly pressed”) is fully 21% volume of freshly pressed hand picked yuzu juice with plenty of pulp, premium sake, high quality distillate, and a touch of rock sugar for sweetness. This fine liqueur packs a bright citrus punch and is best enjoyed chilled, on-the-rocks, or as an accent to your favorite cocktail.

Aragoshi Umeshu

Made from specially selected, hand washed ume, this umeshu brings the fruit flavor to the forefront, with fully 21% of the volume made from ume fruit nectar and plenty of pulp left over. Like its yuzu counterpart, it is best enjoyed chilled, on-the-rocks or as an accent to a cocktail.

Umenoyado (Green Tea Umeshu)

Making its first appearance in the U.S., this unique umeshu is flavored with matcha from Shizuoka and hojicha from Nara, offering a silky and sweet taste while providing distinct fresh aromas and a mild bitterness. This umeshu has a signature aroma that reminds us of cracking open a bottle of Ito-en green tea, with flavors opening up to reveal notes of jasmine and a satisfying astringency that works great in cocktails or on-the-rocks.

    The $30 flight will include: Yuzu-shu, Umeshu, Umenoyado. Cocktails $18.

    WHAT:Β Meet the Brewer: Umenoyado Shuzo

    WHEN: Saturday, March 9, 2024, 2-4pm

    WHERE:Β Umami Mart
    4027 Broadway
    Oakland CA 94611

    One order minimum per guest. First come, first served. If busy, please limit your stay to 45 minutes.