Father's Day is June 16

Say hi to your new BFF condiment. This gochujang, made by Queens in San Francisco has all flavors your palette craves – smoky, spicy, sweet, complexity from age, and plenty of umami. We all know you can use gochujang on soba, bibimbap, and KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), but did you know this sweet and spicy sauce is also great in tacos, on eggs or in a chicken sandwich? The possibilities are endless.

Don't be surprised if you find one of us in the back loading up our plain rice with this addictive sauce. This chili paste is fermented and bottled in Apple Valley, California and is made with organic jujubes.

Refrigerate after opening. Vegan and vegetarian.


  • Capacity: 9 oz
  • Material: Glass jar
  • Ingredients: Organic dried red chili, jujube, soybean, malt powder, sweet rice, sea salt
  • Made in Apple Valley, California