Father's Day June 18

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the differences between junmai, and ginjo sakes, or what nama means, now is your chance! This comprehensive course is for sake beginners and enthusiasts alike!

Sake is Japan’s brewed beverage. Made from rice, water, yeast and koji (mold), sake typically has an ABV of 15% (slightly above wine). Should sake be enjoyed cold or warm? Can it be paired this with pizza or pasta? Understanding different sake types, temperature, and vessels is the key to enjoying sake.

This is a meaty course where we'll learn about history, culture, and production of sake. Then we'll discuss sake types, finishing methods, and how to store and buy sakes. 

And finally, we'll taste through a flight of five sakes, and discuss color, aroma, and taste differences. Yoko will provide tips and tricks on how to taste sakes like a pro! Get a complimentary copy of Sake + Shochu Talk, published by Umami Mart.

Join us for this fun and educational program with Umami Mart Co-Founder and Sake Director, that demystifies this exciting brewed beverage.

WHAT: Sake Talk: A Comprehensive Seminar + Tasting

WHEN: See drop down menu above

WHERE: Umami Mart Bar
4027 Broadway, Oakland CA 94611

ADMISSION: $75 general/ $65 members