This is a Sake Gumi members-only event! Join our sake club today and attend the event!

This is our seventh annual Sakqueso! and we are so excited to be back in person! We look forward to this theme every year because we think it's one of the most satisfying pairings out there: sake and cheese. Join us at our bar for an intimate tasting of four sakes and four cheeses with Kevin Corcoran, an American Cheese Society CCP (Certified Cheese Professional) and Yoko Kumano, Sake Director and Kikizakeshi. 

Kevin has taught the class at the annual American Cheese Society Conference titled “Unconventional Pairings,” where he paired Japanese fermented ingredients with cheese! We are honored to have him on as cheese consultant for Sakqueso! again this year and host him during our special event.

Seats for the event are very limited, so sign up early to secure your spot. Read more about the sakes here.

WHAT: Sakqueso! 2022
We will be pairing four sakes from our June Sake Gumi selections with four different cheeses chosen by Kevin and Yoko.*

Tatenyan Junmai Daiginjo
Delice de Bourgogne (France)

Kiminoi Emperors Well Yamahai Junmai Ginjo
Glacier Point Blue (Wisconsin) wrapped in nori

Minato Harbor Yamahai Nama Genshu
Gina Marie Cream Cheese (California) with iburigakko (smoked takuan)

Mantensei Star-Filled Sky Junmai Ginjo
Salva Cremasco (Italy)

*If you can't join us for the event, please try the pairings at home!

Where can you get these cheeses? Here are Kevin's suggestions:

Murray's Cheese would be a good resource as they ship widely and they do show Montgomery's cheddar, Brebirousse, Comte options and a buffalo mozzarella on their site currently. Another option is Zingerman's – they ship all over the place, are very good at it, and also have these cheeses in stock.

For local customers:
East Bay: Market Hall Foods or Cheese Board
SF: Rainbow Grocery or Little Vine
Palo Alto: Sigona's
Santa Rosa: Oliver's Markets
St. Helena: Sunshine Foods
Sonoma: Sonoma Cheese Factory

WHEN: Thursday June 23, 5:30pm

WHERE: Umami Mart Bar
4027 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611


This is a Sake Gumi members-only event! Join our sake club today and attend the event!