Father's Day June 18

Ian and Yoko just returned from their trip to Japan! While Yoko stayed in Tokyo and went to breweries nearby the city, Ian traveled to the depths of Kyushu aka shochu territory.

Enjoy Japan-only nama and seasonal sakes that Yoko brought back in her suitcase from Tokyo! Featured sakes will be from Tokyo's Toshimaya Shuzo (Tokyo), and Inaba Shuzo of Ibaraki.

Yoko brought only one bottle of each type, so these are super limited! We'll also be bringing in some sakes onto our shelves from these breweries so you can keep the party going.

WHAT: Suitcase Kakuuchi Yoko
Try sakes from Yoko's sake brewery travels in and around Tokyo

WHEN: Thursday, October 13, 4-7pm

WHERE: Umami Mart Bar
4027 Broadway, Oakland CA 94611

Open to the public! Pay as you go for glasses and flights.
RSVP at shop@umamimart.com