The time has come – we are unveiling our very own Umami Mart Junmai Sake!!! This has been in the making for several years, stopped short due to the pandemic, finally landing here in Oakland to share with you, dear friends.

Join us at our bar to try this newly released bottle! This is very close to our hearts as we have teamed up with one of our favorite breweries, Kita Shuzo of Shiga, Japan, to formulate this very special brew. Kita Shuzo prides itself on cultivating their koji for up to 50 hours instead of the usual 40 for more kokumi (richness) and ample UMAMI – eureka! It is only fitting that this would be our flagship sake.

Our Umami Mart Junmai Sake has aromas of grapeskin and strawberry with a full flavor of custard and fresh-steamed rice, finishing off with a satisfyingly crisp acidity. We love how versatile it is when pairing with food. We've enjoyed it with cheese, rib eye, yakitori, shellfish, and pasta.

This is an in-person event at our bar in Oakland. After our launch at our bar, Kayoko and Yoko will be taking it on the road to LA! Stay tuned for more info!

WHAT: Umami Mart Sake Launch!
Come kanpai with us 

WHEN: Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 4-6pm
Sake Gumi pick up day!

WHERE: Umami Mart Bar
4027 Broadway, Oakland CA 94611

ADMISSION: Glass pours $10 General / $5 Members
This event is open to the public for 21+